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Taylor Swift goes on a hardcore social media detox, wipes out all her accounts

The singer deleted ALL her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook photos, and has a black screen on her website

Arpita Kala 19 August 2017, 5:38 PM
Time to save up some 'blank space' on your phone

Time to save up some 'blank space' on your phone Image: Facebook

Taking a break from social media or just a hacker's mischief, netizens are racking their brains over mystery of singer Taylor Swift's blank Internet accounts. The Shake it off singer has deleted all her posts in all of her accounts, including the profile pictures. Her official website is a black blank page too.

It is interesting to note that just before her Internet blackout, Tay came out of hiding after the infamous feud with Kim Kardashian to fight a lawsuit against former DJ David Mueller, who allegedly groped her in 2013. She won the trial and also made an donation to an organisation supporting survivors of sexual assault. However, in spite of the win, Swift has gone radio silent.

Many are betting on this being a hacker's handiwork, which may seem plausible since Swift is not one to keep things private. The singer has made a fortune crooning about painful break-ups with her famous lovers.

Several others are terming the move as Taylor's attempt to have a fresh start, especially after the Kardashian-West drama. What do you think?

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