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Tattoo artists share music-inspired artwork

On World Music Day, we get 5 tattoo artists to share what gets them going about their best music-inspired tattoos

Arpita Kala 21 June 2016, 11:18 PM
Representational Image

Representational Image Image: Thinkstock

You know the times when you fall in love with a song and just want to eat, live and breathe it? Well, you're not alone. While most of it plug in and play that artist or song on loop, there are some wild ones who go out and wear it on their sleeves. We spoke to a few tattoo artist about their favourite music-inspired artwork and here are their picks:

The turntable tattoo by Vikas Malani

Vikas Malani, Body Canvas Tattoos & Piercings

“Tattoo and music are like mind and body,” says artist Vikas Malani of one of his favourite artwork. The turntable design that took 10 hours to finish was for DJ Nakul Sahan at a time when he was in doldrums over choosing deejaying or his day job.

Tattoo by Ali Burrni

Ali Burrni, Burrnink Studio

While Ali has tattooed many and continues to do so, his favourite is the 'Time keeper' inked on Rijul Victor, drummer and producer at the music band Colossal Figures. He shared Rijul's reason behind the art, “I never found a design or a good enough reason to get inked until July 8, 2015 when my band's vocalist and best friend, Govind Marodia passed away in a tragic car accident. The design is from one of our artworks (by Anirudh from Nuclear Puke) that we called the "time keeper" and this is my way to remember my brother whenever I look at it. A timeless piece on my body that always reminds me of a lost friend.”

Pink Floyd-inspired tattoo by Hendry Lama

Hendry Lama, Devil'z Tattooz

It will take a die-hard fan to spot the music-inspiration behind this one. The brain behind the design, artist Hendry Lama says, “It is actually a tattoo inspired by some of the album artwork of Pink Floyd combined in one.”

Michael Jackson tattoo by Mo Naga


Mo Naga, Headhunters' Ink

Though Mo usually produces jaw-dropping tribal designs, his portrait of Micahel Jackson is one of his favourites.

Tattoo by Nimay Donde

Nimay Donde, Monsters Ink. — Nimz Tattoo Studio

While tattoo artist Nimay loves all of his work equally, we are partial to his rendition of the Saraswati. Clean with sharp lines and wielding a veena, what could signify the music day better?

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