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It's a good idea to keep your relationship a secret. Learn from Sonam Kapoor

The actor and her alleged fashionista bae, Anand Ahuja, are the poster-couple of low-key relationships. Take inspo from them to nail keeping your love-life a secret.

Arpita Kala 23 April 2017, 7:24 PM
Maybe you're addicted to your phone. You are, aren't you?

Maybe you're addicted to your phone. You are, aren't you? Image: Facebook

Whether you are dating a hottie at work or just want to keep your love-life away from the prying eyes of a nosy ex and overbearing parents, secret relationships can be quite a thrill. Afterall, everyone loves a good ol' mystery. In the Internet age where everyone is guilty of oversharing every aspect of their life, a classified love affair can be a delicious secret that only you know about. So, here are a few reasons why you need to get yourself a private lover STAT. 

Secrecy is a thrill

Were you ever in on a hot gossip that only you had deets about? Well, a secret relationship is just that. A delicious secret that only the two of you know is a cool, thrilling feeling. From sneaking around to close escapes from people finding out, you both will never be bored.

You are each other's ride or die

When your love life is classified information, it helps build a deeper bond with your boo. Yep, since both of you are the only ones in the know, it amps up the trust factor between y'all.

Fireworks between the sheets

Unlike others, couples who keep their relationship private place more value on time spent together. Plus, the thrill of pretending to be strangers in the streets is almost like a real-life roleplay that keeps the spark alive.

No cringe-worthy PDA

Oversharing pictures of your lover on social media to sloppy kisses in the park are things you will never be accused of. Rather than PDA, secret lovers are all about keeping it minimal with suggestive glances, discreet touches.

No more messy break-ups

Should you and your private lover ever decide to call it quits with your affair, the break will be clean. You won't have to recount the sad tale of a failed love affair to probing friends and family. 


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