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Summer chillers to cool down

This summer, stir up some must-have chillers in your cosy little bar at home. Chef Imran, head chef of Barush The Lounge, tells you how

Anannya Chatterjee 8 May 2016, 2:14 PM
Summer chillers come to your rescue

Summer chillers come to your rescue

So you want to some cool, refreshing drinks minus the hangover on a Sunday afternoon? So do we. And that's why we got you some delish non-alcoholic options you could sip away all afternoon. Summery woes begone. Let these chillers rejuvenate you and help chill out on those sweaty, sultry , dull days.

Chef Imran, head chef at Barush The Lounge in Delhi, makes a toast for the tastiest mocktails of this season.


Minty Iced Tea


Minty Iced Spiced tea

Ginger: 10 g

Cinnamon: 5 nos

Mint leaf: 5 nos

Tea bags: 2 nos

Lime juice: 15 ml


Method: Muddle ginger cinnamon mint leaf in a shaker. Add some ice, lemon juice and mint syrup. Add the tea bags. Shake well and serve in a tall glass.


Very Berry


Very Berry

Red berries: 60 ml

Lime juice: 15 ml

Top up with soda


Method: Add red berries with lime juice. Then shake and strain in a hurricane glass with the top up soda.


Virgin sangria


Virgin Sangria

Triple sec Monin: 20 ml

Orange juice: 15 ml

Apple juice: 40 ml

Pomegranate juice: 40 ml

Grapefruit juice: 100 ml

Fresh apples and oranges sliced


Method: Combine the chopped fruits and juices. Keep it aside for a while and allow for flavors to combine. Before serving, add soda water, stir together and serve in a red wine glass.



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