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Stuck in the wrong field of study? Take a cue from this JEE topper who quit IIT Bombay to follow his dreams

Taking the big steps is never easy, but the heart wants what it wants

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 29 May 2018, 3:54 PM
Chitraang had secured the first rank in 2014's JEE (Advanced)

Chitraang had secured the first rank in 2014's JEE (Advanced) Image: Facebook/Humans of India

Follow your dreams, they say. But do parents actually let their kids follow their dreams? Barring a few, we think not. But then, there's a strange sense of relief in pursuing what your heart tells you to do, career-wise.

Not everybody is brave enough to quit their field – they choose under peer pressure or because of lack of proper guidance – and jump into an area they always thought they wanted to be in. But some can. Like this All India JEE topper of 2014, Chitraang Murdia.

After clearing his JEE and securing rank one in the entrance exam, Chitraang got admission in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay. But he dropped out. Why? He wanted to pursue his passion in physics. 

In a Humans of India post, Chitraang had said, “I have secured All India Rank -1 in IIT-JEE examination 2014. I took admission in IIT Bombay and was all set to become a Computer Engineer. But soon after getting the admission I realized that 'Computer science is interesting to me, but my passion lies in physics. I wanted to do research, probably in quantum theory."

He also admitted that when he finally realised he wanted to pursue physics and quit IIT, people were baffled by his decision. "Don't know how, but I developed my keen interest in Physics and decided to quit IIT. Everybody was shocked by this decision and that included even my friends. People used to say that you are a kid and don't know how to take important decisions of your life and you will be earning in lakhs after receiving the Engineering degree from IIT."

But Chitraang listened to his gut. "I followed my inner soul and not what others said. Finally, I got admission in one of the world most prestigious institution Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and that too with scholarship. I have seen the students who are good in physics and maths are following the herd to seek admission to courses such as computer science and electrical engineering," he added.

The MIT boy thinks his story will boost up the moral of those students who wish to pursue their interest in pure science but couldn't do that because of the family pressure or money.

Well, it does take some courage to take such a big step. And the matters such as one's career always involves a certain amount of risk and an abundance of 'what-if-I-am-wrong' feeling. But if you have it in your heart, then you know that can't go wrong.

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