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Stefano Gabbana calls Selena Gomez 'ugly', and gets blasted on Twitter

Gabbana is officially cancelled

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 14 June 2018, 1:20 PM
Selena Gomez has not responded to Stefano's jibes

Selena Gomez has not responded to Stefano's jibes Image: Twitter

Stefano Gabbana, the co-founder of Italian fashion powerhouse Dolce & Gabbana, is garnering some serious reputation as a bully, and Twitter is having a #StefanoGabbanaisOverParty.

Stefano, who has often been criticised for his comments against gay families and children born through IVF, and his support for US First Lady Melania Trump, recently took to Instagram to call Selena Gomez ugly.

In the comment section of fashion account TheCatwalkItalia under a collage of Selena's photos, 55-year-old Stefano wrote, "She's so ugly!!!" The comment was first pointed out by fashion's favourite copycat-blasters Diet Prada.

Gabbana's comment on Selena's photos

Gabbana's comment on Selena's photos Image: Instagram/ Diet Prada

Selena, who is not just a chart-topper but also one of the most followed people on Instagram, with 138 million followers, has not responded to Stefano's comment. 

But the designer did not stop there, he also responded to a user's comment, agreeing that she "looks like a Pomeranian dog." 

Needless to say, Stefano has enraged Tweeple. In fact, Miley Cyrus, who had a tiff with the designer last year over their political stance, also took to Twitter to slam Stefano.

Some Tweeple also pointed out how tone-deaf and out-of-touch the brand's latest collections have been. Especially considering they have never weighed in on the body positivity movement.

One user pointed out how one of D&G's sneakers have the words, "I'm fabulous and thin," inscribed on them.

"For me, political correctness is fake, because you don’t have the power to explain what you really think. With respect to everyone, I am not Mussolini. I am not God. It’s just my opinion. But I love when people say exactly what they think. If you don’t agree with another person, you still have the freedom to say what you think," Stefano told British Vogue last year.

Just a few days ago, the designer dissed Kate Moss on Instagram, he blasted Lady Gaga's torso during the Super Bowl half-time show, and posted thumbs down emojis on Victoria Beckham's pictures. So, clearly, he has a taste for bullying.

Have a look:

Gabbana's comments on Kate's photos

Gabbana's comments on Kate's photos Image: Instagram

Stefano's hateful comments come at a very bad time as Dolce & Gabbana are currently trying to appeal to millennial consumers. They are also inviting young influencers and YouTube stars to walk their runways.

So, attacking a true blue millennial icon like Selena was obviously the worst move on his part, considering his already unpopular political opinions. Stefano's designer partner Domenico Dolce, however, has stayed mum through Stefano's tirades.

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