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Spin these desi cocktails like a Thalaiva

Just add a dash of those tried-and-tested ghar ka masala, and watch your cocktails come alive

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 18 September 2017, 6:04 PM
Host a party that no one will forget

Host a party that no one will forget Image: Thinkstock

We know the pressures of playing host and entertaining guests at home. Everything is got to be perfect, yet you also need to outdo your last performance because now you're just competing with yourself. But don't worry, we've got you covered. We will make sure your guests have a boozy good time with these traditional cocktails with a desi twist. Just add a dash of those tried-and-tested ghar ka masala, and watch your cocktails come alive. 

Here are three cocktail recipes you can try at home: 

Mampalum kari ila martini

Desi cocktail
Image: South High Bar & Kitchen

Sweet juicy mangoes meet crackling curry leaves, chilli and sharp tangy lime. Flavours of the south all shook up with icy vodka, making an unusually mouth-watering Martini!
Glass: Pre-chilled Martini
45ml Smirnoff
45 mango juice
10 mango crush
2 wedges lime
Pinch of black salt
Curry leaves and ¼ green chilli 
Garnish: Curry leaf

In a shaker add green chilli and curry leaves. Muddle
Fill shaker with ice
Add Vodka, mango juice and crush
Squeeze two wedges lime and drop in
Double strain in long-stemmed glass


Kerela Karru

Desi cocktail
Image: South High Bar & Kitchen

A soft whisper of watermelon coconut water and iced vodka. Imagine swaying palm trees, a gentle cool breeze blowing a salty whiff of the sea and sweet summer watermelon washed down with white rum-spiked coconut water.
Glass: hurricane / tall
45ml Bacardi
90ml watermelon juice (sweetened)
150ml fresh coconut water
10ml sugar syrup
10ml Monin coconut syrup
2 Wedges of lime
Pinch of salt
Garnish: Mint and watermelon slice

Pour in the watermelon juice in tall glass and then fill it ice
Fill shaker with ice
Add coconut water, coconut syrup, sugar syrup and salt
Squeeze in two wedges of lime
Strain it on the ice gently to get two layers


Anarasa (For your non-boozy friends)

Desi cocktail
Image: South High Bar & Kitchen

Fresh cut pineapple dunked into spicy tomato rasam and then infused to get the best of both. It’s sweet, spicy, zingy and just unstoppable. It’s the South like never before!
Glass: Collins / tall
60ml Rasam
30 pineapple juice
4 chunks fresh pineapple
1 wedge lime
15ml sugar syrup
½ green chilli
Pinch salt and chaat masala
Garnish: Pineapple leaf & pineapple wedge. Round red chilli 

In shaker add fresh pineapple chunks
Fill shaker with ice
Add rasam, pineapple juice, sugar
Squeeze wedge of lime, salt and chaat masala
Double strain on ice in tall glass

(Recipe courtesy: South High Bar and Kitchen, Kamala Mills, Mumbai)

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