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Singer Palash Sen of Euphoria accused of plagiarism

Filmmaker Bhargav Saikia has accused the singer of stealing his shots for his directorial debut

T2 Online Newsdesk 7 October 2017, 5:55 PM
Palash Sen won't keep calm

Palash Sen won't keep calm Image: KS Amal

In a classic case of which came first — the egg or the hen, singer Palash Sen has been accused of plagiarism by filmmaker Bhargav Saikia. However, the Euphoria frontman has denied Saikia's claims. The filmmaker alleges that Sen's directorial debut, a musical titled Jiya Jaye has a number of shots from his feature film Kaafiron Ki Namaaz.

In fact, he even took to Facebook to detail his legal notice to the singer, saying, "The makers of Jiya Jaye have re-used shots from Kaafiron Ki Namaaz without permission from my production company, Lorien Motion Pictures. On further investigation, I found out that one of those shots from Kaafiron Ki Namaaz has also been re-used in the music video Jiya Jaye Na, released on Euphoria’s official YouTube channel and Facebook page." He even added the details and video links of the common shots in the post.


Coincidence or plagiarism, Saikia is incensed. "I am appalled to see an established and celebrated musician like Palash Sen using unethical and illegal means to present his first film as a director," he wrote.

However, the singer has said he is "trying to investigate what it is about". Palash sen said, "I have been a victim of copyright infringement myself in the past, and would never do anything like this to anyone. The allegation is of using ambience shots which we have actually used from stock footage. We are investigating the basis of these allegations."


However, Sen is also in a right fouler over the Facebook post. He said, "I will personally call Bhargav and understand the problem. The fact that he went on a rant on Facebook and (in) the media is sad because he could have first called me and had a word. Anyway, we live in times where all kind of publicity is welcome. So be it." Oh well!

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