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Should you DIY rainbow hair trend? Hair experts give their verdict

If your empty wallet is the only thing coming between you and Pinterest-worthy multicoloured hair, here's help straight from the experts

Arpita Kala 4 May 2017, 7:29 PM
Actor Shraddha Kapoor channels the season's hottest trend with this hairdo

Actor Shraddha Kapoor channels the season's hottest trend with this hairdo Image: Facebook/Imara

Blue, green or even pink, hair colours other than the usual brown and black are the latest cool. While these hairdos are all the rage on your social media accounts, Bollywood divas seem to have given their nod to the trend too. While actors Katrina Kaif, Shraddha Kapoor and Adaah Sharma went fiery red with their tresses, Akshara Sen dabbled with bubblegum pink and Sunny Leone has tried all shades of the rainbow.



My hair is officially blue/purple today! Hair by @tomasmoucka and make up by @nina_sagri love love!!

A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on


So, how do you get the look? Celeb hair pro Aashmeen Munjaal says, "Having colours like blue or green on your hair is not like using the usual hair colours because you need to bleach them to let these colours show." Bleach powder is mixed with hydrogen peroxide aka developer that activates and creates an oxidising environment that lightens your hair when applied. And, as per popular opinion, Aashmeen agrees that bleaching does damage the hair. "You can always increase your hair care with keratin treatments and hair spas because bleach pulls out the colour from your hair, making it lighter, sometimes even white. Basically, your hair won't be the same but you can control the amount of damage," she adds.

With a number of fashion and beauty bloggers posting Do-It-Yourself tutorials for hair colouring, and the steep cost of the professional version, should you take the plunge? Here's the verdict:



Shailesh Moolya, national creative director, Lakmé Salon

Hair colouring pro Shailesh Moolya is all for colour-play with your hair but only when you are sitting in a professional's chair. "I am definitely against beaching DIY treatments. Apart from tutorials, there are also videos on the Internet of such treatments becoming a hair disaster. This is something that requires expertise and has a great deal of science, calculations and experience behind it. It's not the same as bleaching your skin because that is much milder," he says.

Rod Anker, celeb hairstylist and magic-maker at Rond Anker Salon

Celb hair guru Rod Anker gives a resounding NAY to the at-home-bleaching plan. "Understand a few things, so you can leave the rest to a little common sense. The darker the hair, the more it has to go through to get any light shade. The more you bleach it, the more damage it can do. Hair, if it's gold, yellow or red, needs to be lighter to remove these undertones before being able to get the 'mermaid' looking colours unless they, too, are red, yellow or orange. So the darker the hair, the harder it is, the more work needed and the more upkeep. Can it be done? Of course, it can be, but takes time and know-how," he says. 

Oh well! Looks like saving up for a gorgeous hair colour seems to be the memo.

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