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Roses are passé, play it cool and give your bae a flower ice cream this summer

Roses are dead, violets are too, but a flower ice cream may make your dream date come true

Nanda Das @nanda1das 2 April 2018, 6:11 PM
A rose has never tasted sweeter

A rose has never tasted sweeter Image: Facebook

This summer, go sweet and cool. If you want to woo your Tinder date and are planning to buy flowers to win some brownie points, we have something more trendy and summerlicious for you.

Instead of the done-to-death roses, try out a rose ice cream. Trust us when we say it is a delicacy. The ice cream look like a rose inside a cone. 

The new trend has already captured the imagination of Netizens, who seem to have found some much-needed respite from their recent obsessions — plastic jeans and pom pom eye makeup. The Internet and its fads *eye-roll*

Take a look at the beauties:




A rose has never tasted so sweet 😍🌹🍦. — 🍴: Taro, French Vanilla and Fairy Floss Rose Ice Cream 🍦 📍: @icreamygelato 🔑: I loved this place so much, I went back twice 😂 They have fun flavors like durian, Thai tea, fairy floss, milk chocolate and so many more 🤤 So creamy and delicious. Going to miss this place! — #thefoodiesaur #sydney #australianfood #travelingfoodies #eeeeeats #spoonuniversity #feedyoursoull #foodintheair #girleatsworld #eater #foodgasm #buzzfeedfood #icecream #besticecream #taroicecream #ubeicecream #giftsforher #roseicecream #dessertideas #flowericecream #prettyfood #liquidnitrogenicecream #rosegelato #flowericecream #abc7eyewitness #dateideas #desserttable #roseicecream — Thanks for the recommendation @berrydana_ 😊❤️!

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Delicious 🤤 (my mums and her friends) #roseicecream 🌹 🍦 #ice cream

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Though desi dudes and dudettes have to wait a little more to woo their dates with these floral masterpieces, these desserts are already selling like hotcakes in Australia and all across Europe. 

Can't wait to get your hands on one, can you?

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