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Relationship advice from Game of Thrones to apply to your own life

Yes, GoT has many, many legit tips on how to deal with real relationships in a very real world

Jayeeta Mazumder 29 August 2017, 6:04 PM
Jonerys it is, finally

Jonerys it is, finally

We need to talk about the relationships (born with or forged) in Game of Thrones. Because (spoiler alert) the Stark sisters threw a major truth bomb at us in the finale (you didn’t see that coming, did you?), among the several other relationship issues that originated in Season 7. So, here’s some legit advice that you could take home from GoT while you ponder and wait for the final season.

Sisterhood of the travelling revenge

Nothing strengthens bonds like bloodshed in GoT. The finale proved this and showed how the Stark sisters — Sansa and Arya — have been living with rage and revenge for so many years, travelling across the map. It finally culminates with them plotting to punish the evil Littlefinger. And they made sisterhood seem solid in their matching cunning and wit. Lesson learned: sisters know best, always trust them.

Know when you’re in the friendzone

Everyone falls in love with Daenerys, the mother of dragons. Probably even Tyrion Lannister, the one with this solid bit of knowledge. But poor Jorah Mormont. Okay, not so poor. It can’t take him seven long seasons to know that he is in the friendzone. C’mon. Get out of it already. Dany won’t take him as a lover. Lesson learned: learn to take no for an answer when you’re wooing. If friendzone is slowly killing you, get a grip and snap out of it.

Love like there’s no tomorrow

Yeah, yeah, we all knew Dany and Jon were getting it on. Long time coming. The tragedy of their love story though? You don’t know how long it will last, given the current political scenario and Jon’s legit background and claim to the Iron Throne. But while it lasts, their romance is not short on intensity. Lesson learned: seize the day when you love someone. You may not have a chance to hold on to that love forever.

Know your frenemies:

Whether it’s Tyrion and Cersei or Cersei and Dany, know your enemies and take into account their strengths and weaknesses. Dany’s confidence lost her one dragon and proved her vulnerability to Cersei. Cersei’s pride lost her, her one true love, Jaime. No character in GoT is free of flaws, of course. But the tragedies they face are a clear chain reaction of their own doings or undoings. Lesson learned: never take your frenemy for granted, learn their moves to keep up with them.

Love yourself:

If there’s one thing that’s a recurring theme in GoT, it’s self-preservation. And how it can either save you or take you down. Tyrion shows us how loving yourself over everyone else always counts in the end. Having a way with words does too. But self-love is of supreme importance in the world of fire and ice. And in life too. Lesson learned: loving yourself does a whole lot of good. Never stop doing exactly that.

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