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Ready to dazzle the world with jewelled eyebrows? Apparently, bling's the new thing!

Have you ever thought about sporting too many bling things on your brows? Well, this is the just the right time to do that

Nivi Shrivastava 13 May 2018, 4:08 PM
Jewelled eyebrows anyone?

Jewelled eyebrows anyone? Image: THINKSTOCK

Eyebrows are tricky territory, yet nothing deters real beauty enthusiasts from experimenting with them. Apparently, daring eyebrow trends are a thing now and make-up artists and beauty bloggers are trying out various styles to up the brow game.

This summer, if you are willing to try out an exciting make-up trend, then think of jewelled overtones for your eyebrows. Embellish you brows with colourful crystals or use the shiny bling bindis to cover your brow line to make a dazzling statement.

We can't really say if the world is ready for in your face bling, but these stylish girls are absolutely rocking the jewelled brows. Check it out below: 

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