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Ranveer Singh is trying to make man buns cool again and we can't even

The actor has arrived two seasons too late to try out the hairdo. Read and weep

Arpita Kala 6 September 2017, 4:13 PM
Ranveer Singh can't keep up with changing trends?

Ranveer Singh can't keep up with changing trends? Image: Instagram

"All this outfit needs is a good man bun right on top of your head," said no stylist ever. Actor Ranveer Singh is no stranger to rocking eclectic styles and acing them, but we think he should draw the line at rocking the mun aka man bun, a male version of the top knot or messy bun. The actor has been sporting long locks for his ongoing shoot for Padmavati and seems to have revisited the trend to keep his tresses in check.



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Not only the bun, Ranveer tried to suit up with a hun aka half-bun too, and didn't quite manage to salvage the look. There is a reason that this do went out of style as Akshay Kumar and Matt Damon have found out the hard way by becoming Internet memes.



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 Well, we hope Ranveer gets his usual do back soon and gives the man buns a much-needed break.

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