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Podcast Chuski Pop is the soul food for the sassy desi woman

In case you didn't know, the kurti-clad brown girl can be your favourite sass machine

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 15 May 2017, 9:12 PM
Chuski Pop has a lot to say

Chuski Pop has a lot to say Image: Sweety, Chuski Pop

Two girls in salwar kameez can change the world — one podcast and some sick pop art at a time. Sweety and Pappu are two women who have created something every desi girl can connect with unequivocally with their podcast, Chuski Pop. "A podcast about desi culture, women's issues, the 90s, bad art, existential crises, sex, drugs, Bollywood, puppies, bunnies, unicorns and rainbows. We promise to whine about everything," reads the intro to their page. But they never really whine — they opine, and quite fabulously so.

"You know I researched the word 'nepotism' for Karan Johar. It's defined as 'the f***ed-up practice among the bourgeois Bollywood elite, where those with influence seal their power by bringing in mediocre and under-skilled relatives or friends and by giving them jobs they don't deserve," said team Chuski Pop during their March Aaj ka Kabootar podcast. "Yeah... I have examples too. It's in the dictionary. Shall I read it out? Yash and Karan Johar, David and Varun Dhawan, the Akhtars, the Bhatts, and pretty much every Kapoor ever. But you know Ranbir is very good at like...." interjected Pappu at one point. "That's because he has a resting b**ch face," said the other. We're telling you, go check these girls out.

Chuski Pop girls have talked about everything from mansplaining to body positivity and, of course, the magic that is the menstrual cycle. They also had a very impressive podcast on mental health. You need it, whether or not you are down in the dumps (umm... who isn't, anymore?)

Every podcast starts with a cheesy filmi line, and it's a damn fine touch. You'll know when you listen in. Chuski Pop is about conversations, and even their pop art is very expressive. Ever thought a Jaya Bachchan poster could be the perfect pop art hanging for your wall? No? Then you need Chuski Pop in your life.

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