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No special occasion, a pretty slice of confetti cake is all you need to cheer up

What's the easiest way to enter food heaven? Add a generous amount of sprinkles to cakes and cupcakes, and enjoy every bite

Nivi Shrivastava 15 May 2018, 5:50 PM
Confetti cakes are a hit this season

Confetti cakes are a hit this season Image: THINKSTOCK

The secret to nailing a delish dessert is amazing flavour, fragrance and appearance. While confetti cakes and cupcakes are all-time favourites, they also make for a fabulous treat for both kids and adults.

Popularly known as funfetti cake, these desserts are made using a white cake with a mix of multi-coloured sprinkles that look like confetti after baking. The rainbow-like appeal of this cake makes it a global favourite and has inspired other food inventions like confetti pops, cookies, and candy bars.

With so many weddings around the corner, confetti cakes are trending on social media again. And with rainbow being the unofficial colour theme for 2018, the multi-coloured sprinkles are popping up in all kinds of bakery items.

To get some instant happy food vibes, take a look at these pretty cakes and try baking one for yourself. 

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