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#NationalSplurgeDay: We asked 10 millennials what they'd splurge on right now, and here's what they had to say

Stay calm and continue splurging

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 19 June 2018, 3:19 PM
Millennials just want to travel. Is that really a surprise?

Millennials just want to travel. Is that really a surprise? Image: Thinkstock

Everyone deserves to splurge once in a while. From impulse buys with some impromptu shopping to a planned European holiday to bare necessities that you've been putting off for a while — if only we had the ticket to splurge, imagine the things we'd reach for.

However, millennials usually refrain from, well, splurging. Why? Money, duh. Like if it was their own money they were expected to spend, they'd rather not. The idea of treating yourself to something, giving yourself a pat on the back occasionally for a job well done is a lost art. Alas!

But they do have a list. A carefully curated list of things they'd go for that somehow mostly consists of travelling and getting away from their current jobs. Is that weird? Not really.

So, here's a list of things millennials would want to spend on right now and tell us you don't feel like jumping on the bandwagon? 

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"How much money are we talking about here? If it's enough to retire on, I'll retire and travel. If it's like less than a lakh, I'll probably just take a vacation. Or do you mean splurge my money? Well, not in the mood to spend my own money. Saving it up for the above-mentioned activities."

—Nandini Narayanan, business developer 

"At the moment, phone, clothes, handbags."

—Pavit Nanda Anand, public relations executive

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"Tough one as I am in the middle of my splurging session itself. But maybe yoga, followed by a spa session and then a midday nap. Maybe some crazy good sex, too, if that counts."

—Arpita Srivastava, hospitality professional

"A microwave oven right now so I can bake!"

—Smrity Sharma, media personnel 

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"An international holiday. I have several places on my bucket list in the US and Europe. Ahh..where do I even start and end? If I could, I would not work a day in my life. Just travel. I regret not getting into the travel industry every day!"

—Amrita Hom Ray, publicist

"A vacation, time off from work, and at the moment, a necessity, a laptop."

—Semantee Mukherjee, human resources manager

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"A pair of headphones would be nice"

—Shivanjana Nigam, photo editor

"A holiday with my family that I will sponsor."

—Priya Veerajput, human resources manager

"Removed from my everyday life, holidaying somewhere in the hills. I want to wake up in a lavish hotel room with a window and balcony view of the hills, where I can order room service of unlimited chai and rum, all day long. And lots of cheesy foods. That is if you promise me I won't gain weight."

—Natasha Roy, writer

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