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#NationalKittenDay: What made these cats so paw-some?

From Tom to Garfield, our favourite cats have a lesson for all of us

Nairita Mukherjee NotThatNairita 11 July 2018, 3:39 PM
Okay, that's a relief!

Okay, that's a relief! Image: Facebook

People, it's National Kitten Day. And that makes it a perfect opportunity to look back and cherish the surreptitious life lessons we all learnt from some of our favourite cat characters in pop culture.

No, they're not life-altering, rather simple everyday stuff that makes more sense than all the gallantry. Like being a badass or enjoying that slice of lasagna. *bliss*

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom GIF: Giphy

Garfield just wants to eat
Like us, Garfield understood very early in life food is everything. And to be specific, lasagna is bae. Can we blame him? Absolutely not. Garfield is truly our spirit animal on weekends — turn the couch into your cave with the blanket as the roof, and use your emotions only to manipulate people around you to get you your food. Bunch of softies!

All you want is to read the newspaper

All you want is to read the newspaper GIF: Giphy

Tom just wants peace of mind
All Tom really wants is to lie down and sleep, or read a book, or go about his business. But just like that friend you cannot live with or without, Jerry won't let him be in peace. He keeps Tom on his toes, constantly teasing him. Of course, Tom secretly plots Jerry's murder, too. Don't we all? But then, we also love the Tom-and-Jerry banter. (You know who we're talking about). 



Grumpy just wants to be grumpy
What is the point of life? Nothing. Do you think love is the answer to everything? Nope. Would you want to put just a little bit of effort to change the course of your life? Never. We were a bunch of grumpy millennials even before Grumpy cat came in, but she taught us being grumpy is badass. Look at us now. 

Profound, isn't it?

Profound, isn't it? GIF: Giphy

Cheshire just wants to be honest
If there's one thing Cheshire Cat is known for, besides his mysterious grin, it is his shoot-from-the-hip honesty. Of course, Alice doesn't get that at first, but we do, right? He has insight, he is threatened by no one, and he can hold an intelligent conversation. Don't we all wanna BE like him? 

Tell me about it!

Tell me about it! GIF: Giphy

Puss just wants to impress his boss
Okay, this cat, for the most part, was a dishonest fellow, lying and plotting away. But he is doing that so his master would spare him, right? Like we are expected to do every day in office. No, we are not proud of it, and we're sure neither was Puss. But we do it anyway so we don't get the boot. *sigh*

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