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Move over kale. Experts predict the next big superfood

Brown rice, kale, avocado, chia seeds and more. Can't keep up with the super foods? We get experts to predict the next superfood

Arpita Kala 3 June 2016, 8:03 PM
Watch what you're eating next

Watch what you're eating next Image: Thinkstock

No, they aren’t just fancy names. Super foods are mostly plant-based, but also some fish and dairy edibles, that are packed with so many nutrients that your health should benefit just by inhaling it. Not really, but you get the drift. While avocado was touted last season's superfood, we rounded up some experts to tell us the next unassuming nutrient-rich edible that may just win this season's superfood crown.


Ghee, rich in vitamin A. Image: Thinkstock


Ghee: I put my dibs on the humble ghee. Recently a study has proven that people in rural area who consume ghee have lower incidences of heart diseases than those ate less of it. People have a misconception that ghee is another saturated fat and in unhealthy for the heart when, in fact, ghee has many health benefits if taken in moderation and required quantity. It promotes digestive healing and is especially beneficial to the heart. The amount of vitamin A in ghee makes it ideal for protecting eye health.

- Dr Priyanka Shokeen, senior dietitian, Columbia Asia Hospital

Coconut Oil: You must have oft come across bloggers gushing about coconut oil and thought what's the big fuss? Well, according to some researches, it has been found to be useful in diabetes, heart problems, thyroid disorders and helps aid weight loss too. Apart from that coconut, oil is a good skin moisturiser, doubles up as a makeup remover and according to some, even helps in hair growth.
- Dr Amrapali Patil, nutritionist and weight management expert founder of Trim N Tone clinic.


Maca root powder: Do not go by the appearance as maca root powder is quite pleasant tasting and can easily be the holy grail superfood for all your lady problems. It contains essential amino acids and fatty acids many micro-elements not found in other sources of food as well as Vitamin B, C and E. It's especially helpful for those suffering from PCOD, mood and sexual function disorders and is great for menopausal women as all hormones wear off with age. Coconut oil also rates high on my list as it keeps you full and positively affects your metabolism due to the presence of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) source of essential fatty acid and is thermogenic by nature that means positively affect the metabolism.

- Dr Anjali Hooda Sangwan, obesity, metabolic medicine and clinical nutrition consultant.


Black rice
Move over brown rice; black rice is here. Image: Thinkstock


Black rice: Who knew rice had so many colours? So if you're so over your brown rice diet, there is an even more nutritious rice in town – black rice and it has many health benefits. This rice has highest amount of antioxidants, healthy vitamin,protein and dietary fiber as well as iron, which you will not get from other varieties of rice.

- Santosh Kumar Pandey, healer and founder, Shenmen Healing Center.

Camu powder: Camu is a plant from South America, which grows berries. But since it's very sour it cannot be eaten raw. Also due to limited research the recommendations and dosage in any particular health condition are not advisable. On the whole, it is a rich source of Vitamin C, hence it has a beneficial effect on hair and skin. It's also rich in anti-oxidant, which extends its benefit to diseases such as diabetes, inflammation as well as boosts the immune system.

- Khushboo Sahijwani, nutritionist from Shenmen Healing Center.

A seaweed salad to stay in shape. Image: Thinkstock


Seaweed: Sushi lovers rejoice. Seaweeds are undoubtedly one of the upcoming and the next superfood in the fitness scene. They have immense amount of minerals and nutrients and are a rich source of energy. These superfoods that help in purifying blood are high in calcium and contain huge amount of antioxidants. It helps in effective weight loss and helps to stimulate the thyroid gland, which is responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism.
-Dr, Tripti Sharma, dietician, Park Hospital

Turmeric: While Moringa, Seaweed and Kelp have been touted as the next superfoods in the West, I would think it is the humble turmeric or haldi. This root has played an integral role in the Indian diet and beauty regime and we find that the West is now waking up to its superpowers. It is a holistic ingredient, with antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties. Most of us have grown up with the ubiquitous haldi doodh, which our mothers made us drink when we were sick. Today, Turmeric Latte or ‘Golden Milk’ has a cult following among the health conscious in the US and the UK. According to Google’s 2016 Food Trends Report, turmeric is one of the top trending foods in the last couple of years, and in fact, the term is frequently searched for along with it.

- Vandana Luthra, founder and vice chairperson, VLCC Group

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