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Move over AIB. The hottest Indian podcasts to tune into right now

The Indian podcast game has gotten pretty strong over the years. Are you keeping up?

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 3 May 2017, 7:18 PM
Anuvab Pal and Kunaal Roy Kapur in Our Last Week

Anuvab Pal and Kunaal Roy Kapur in Our Last Week Image: Twitter

Podcasting is getting big, people — and it's not just basement material anymore. Nor is it too hipster for you to understand. It is simple, it is honest and it is accessible. And you should know more about the podcasters of your country. From Maed in India to Kaan Masti, the podcasting Indian is emerging a winner of the geek age.

A podcast is basically just like a show, you can stream it or watch it online, or download it. There are no commercial breaks, and the format is a lot more casual and direct. You've probably caught up to AIB's podcast with Shah Rukh Khan already. But did you know there are several funnymen and musical experts who are making this format their own?

Maed in India by Mae Thomas

It's India's first indie music podcast where host Mae Thomas brings in musicians, budding singers and pros to talk about the indie and alternative music scene in India. A radio presenter and the creative director of IVM Podcasts, Thomas also conducts live jamming sessions and interviews. Maed in India is already a hit on Soundcloud and every week, Thomas's podcast features the best indie hits of the moment.

Kaan Masti by Hoezaay and Suresh Menon

The comedy podcast is as real as it gets. Just two random guys talking about random stuff in between working at a radio station. Both Hoezaay and Menon are icons and thrive with their individual tones and personas. The podcast comes as both, audio and video versions. The audio version is available in an mp3 format via iTunes or the podcast app, Podkicker. The video format is obviously on Youtube. So, get in on these two comedians talking about some very uncensored stuff. And as they themselves advertise — if you're easily offended, this is not for you.

The Adventures of Cheap Beer

"Cheap beer is awesome," reads the intro of this podcast site. Three guys, Siddhant Mehta, Karan Agarwal and Suyash Barve, wandering around Mumbai and talking about every topic under the sun, while they wait for their beer. Their podcasts are fun, simple and, most importantly, real — it's almost as good as improv comedy, and it probably is. From Nicholas Cage to corporate b**ches, and, of course, the cheapest booze, the three guys have an incredible podcast, and they even bring in guests. Check them out here.

Our Last Week by Anuvab Pal and Kunaal Roy Kapur

This fortnightly podcast, with Pal and Kapur, the Delhi Belly boy, is one of the best comedy podcasts right now. Feminist taxis, WhatsApp groups, dictatorship bashing — they talk about everything. According to them, they "come together to create an event horizon that looks at the black hole of human existence with a gravitational lens trained specifically on the human week that just went by."' 'Nuf said?

The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap

"The pop culture podcast that isn't afraid to pop the bubble." Their words not ours. Film critic Deepanjana Pal and columnist Rajyasree Sen come together to talk about everything that's making headlines. From Lipstick Under My Burkha to Logan, to the Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar spat and, of course, CBFC. Tune in for some lively discussions and honest opinions on things as they are. No filter, no censor, just plain pop chat.

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