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It's 2018, and a Chinese blogger used some contour to turn into Mona Lisa

Here's presenting Mona Lisa for the Kardashian generation

Nanda Das @nanda1das 14 May 2018, 6:07 PM
Mona Lisa: For the post-millennials

Mona Lisa: For the post-millennials Image: Twitter

Ever wondered what would have happened if Leonardo Da Vinci was a contour person? Would he have added some highlights if he drew Mona Lisa today? 

Wonder no more, as 27-year-old Chinese blogger He Yuya just gave herself an iconic Renaissance-worthy transformation with just some foundation and blending. She turned herself into Mona Lisa!

We repeat, there's now a beauty tutorial which can turn you into Mona Lisa, and we may have sorted out so many of your cosplay needs. Yuya's video has become viral now with 152k views.

The video shows the blogger creating Mona Lisa's facial features with her make-up tools. It took her nearly six hours to complete the look. OMG!

According to Daily Mail, the transformation happened after Yuya's social media followers, as a joke, challenged her to create a life-like Mona Lisa.

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