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Meghan Markle's dad staged his own paparazzi photos, and it's funny, okay?

Dad level: Meghan's dad reading up on Britain but being all fake

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 14 May 2018, 1:26 PM
Meghan's dad is relatable AF, TBH

Meghan's dad is relatable AF, TBH Image: AP

Meghan Markle's embarrassing dad is perhaps the only relatable aspect about the future royal. The next time your mum or dad do something remotely funny, ridiculous, or commoner-like, remember Meghan's dad staged paparazzi photos of himself, which featured him Googling his daughter's wedding, and then got caught. That's so dad... we mean sad.

In the last few weeks, Meghan's daddy Thomas Markle was seen out and about in Mexico, reading up about the royal wedding, about Britain, getting fitted for a suit, and even working out.

According to The Daily Mail, Thomas arrived at a cyber cafe with photographer Jeff Rayner, who photographed him looking at pictures of his famous daughter and Prince Harry, and reading a book on Britain. The photos reportedly fetched Thomas $180,000.

Thomas was also seen getting measured for a suit, presumably for his daughter's May 19 nuptials. In fact, the tailor who was getting his measurements talked to The Daily Mail.

"This big American guy got the measuring tape out of his pocket and he was saying things in English... The photographer he was with stepped back to the street and started taking pictures. The big man was showing me what to do with the tape, holding it across himself. I just went along with it. I was telling him the measurements but he didn’t write them down or anything," he said.

Funnily enough, hours before the news of the fake photos broke, Meghan's representatives wrote to international editors saying that Thomas was suffering from "media intrusion". Umm... we don't know. Is it intrusion if you hire someone to take your photos and sell them for thousands of dollars? Let us look it up.

The owner of the cyber cafe also talked to The Daily Mail. "The man and the photographer came in together. He came in and paid to use the computer while the other person was taking pictures of him from behind,” said Jessica Anaya, the cafe's manager.

Thomas is set to walk Meghan down the aisle on May 19, and is set to fly off to London soon. Expect a tense conversation between him and the Queen.

The Queen: The things I read about you, Mr Markle...

Thomas: You mean about the staged photos?

The Queen: No... who uses cyber cafes, anymore? You could have just Googled it on your phone, bruh. Get woke.

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