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Masterclass: 30 amateurs cooked pasta from scratch, and Chef Moshe went wow!

T2 Online gives you a sneak-peek into what the session hosted by the Mumbai-based chef looked like

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 13 April 2018, 6:38 PM
You think making pasta is easy? Think again

You think making pasta is easy? Think again Image: Facebook

Pasta la vista baby! Okay, we take full responsibility of that bad pun and get that a goodbye salutation shouldn't be an opening line of an article. But, come on, pasta is something that brings out all sorts of creativity to the table. And, when you are cooking, it brings out even more.

It's deemed to be one of the simplest and the tastiest (and, one of the most difficult — when made from absolute scratch) dishes of the world. Haven't you seen the diversity? We bet you can't name all the delish pasta dishes in one breath.

Ever wondered how it would be like to get to know the whole pasta-making process? While you're still thinking about it, a group of 30 amateurs doughed their hands to make it with Chef Moshe Shek of A World Away. And guess what, he was totally blown away with their performance.

Chef Moshe
Masterclass with Chef Moshe Image: Facebook

Painted behind was the picturesque Alibaug where Team Red Pen had a special masterclass with Chef Moshe — the same guy, who not only Mumbaiites, but the whole world is talking about. And not only did they make pasta from scratch, two kinds of sauces, stuffed ravioli with spinach and ricotta before tossing them in those sauces, they also learnt a thing or two about plating and garnishing the perfect dish. Wow!

Seeing all this, Chef was blown away. Like a proud mentor, he told us, “They were complete amateurs, they had never cooked it before. So for them it was definitely a challenge. Because, I see people who actually cook and come for the class and they make mistakes. But, these guys were competing and they were all like spot on. It was a fabulous class, everybody made everything by hand, from scratch.”

Pasta in making   Image: Facebook


He even penne-d (see what we did there) a Facebook post which reads, “We just had our most ambitious class — 30 participants, all amateurs to the field of cooking, competing with each other to make some of our most difficult dishes and trust me, I was blown away with the results!! They all made pasta from scratch - dough - two sauces - fettucini - spinach and ricotta stuffed ravioli and tossed them in sauces, plated them beautifully and even garnished each dish!! The fun, the healthy competition, the creativity shown in a totally new field and not to mention the delicious results (which didn't reach the dining table) just leaves me saying - Kudos to The Red Pen team!!”





Chef told us, that it was Red Pen's “yearly thing, that they go out together and it's like a team-building exercise. They have meetings where they discuss things, and then they spend half a day at the classroom, where they compete with each other”.

Here's a sneak-peek of how the session looked like:




Sure as hell looks amazing.

There are more masterclasses coming up, and Chef has promised he will keep us updated about it. And, we will update you about the same. Happy cooking, peeps!

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