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MasterChef India Season 1 winner Pankaj Bhadouria shares her nifty kitchen hacks

The chef is taking over the Internet with her kitchen 'tarkeebs'

Arpita Kala 7 December 2017, 6:11 PM
Chef Pankaj Bhadouria is all about saving time in the kitchen

Chef Pankaj Bhadouria is all about saving time in the kitchen Image: Facebook

Chef, mom, author and an educator, gourmand Pankaj Bhadouria knows how to juggle many roles at the same time. The Season 1 winner of MasterChef India is known for her kifaayati (cost effective) cooking style and her latest show is no different.

Saving precious time by simplifying cooking for people-on-the-go, here are her fave hacks or tarkeebs from her show, The Dream Kitchen, on Living Foodz.

Andey Ke Fundey

  • Place the eggs one-by-one in a glass bowl filled with water. Good, fresh eggs will settle at the bottom, while the bad eggs rise up to the surface. This makes it easy to select the good eggs for cooking a dish.
  • Break the egg in a small glass bowl. The pieces of the broken shell that slip into the bowl along with the egg can be removed with the shells. Take either one of the halves of the shell and scoop out the broken pieces with the help of the shell.
  • While breaking an egg into a glass bowl, crack it open carefully in a way to hold the half shells of the egg close and let the egg-white slip into the bowl. To separate the egg-yolk from the remaining egg-white fluid in the shells, pour it from one shell into the other and repeat till the yolk is left in any one shell.



Watermelon rules

  • Use a sharp knife and slice out a small slab from the bottom of the watermelon, to create a stand with the fruit.
  • From the top of the watermelon, cut out a slightly large slab and scoop out the inside of the watermelon into a bowl. Scoop out the fruit from inside with care, but not till the bottom, to keep a thick layer intact at the bottom maintaining the balance and allowing the watermelon to stand tall as a keg.
  • Fit a tap into the watermelon on the side, towards the bottom. Fill the hollow space in the fruit with a juice of your choice. Open the tap and place a glass right below it. Enjoy a drink from your newly-made watermelon keg!


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