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Masaba Gupta helped out a troll who didn't know why she's famous

And FYI, she can bat, too

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 11 April 2018, 5:32 PM
How to hit back like a bawse? Masaba has notes

How to hit back like a bawse? Masaba has notes Image: AFP

Masaba Gupta is many things — but she's not a pushover. She's also not averse to telling you exactly why she's on the bucket list of every famous person in this country. A troll learnt that the hard way.

In the last decade, Masaba's work has resonated immensely with the youth, and her work has made serious global waves, too. Masaba took desi kitsch and made it her own — because a decade ago, we weren't too big on table fan prints, TBH.

The millennial icon is the daughter of actor Neena Gupta and cricket legend Vivian Richards, and has been a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry since she was 19. The sold-out runway shows, successful collaborations, massive global presence aside, the millennial icon is among the most sought-after Asian designers right now. From Kareena to Sonam, to Alia, every Kapoor, Khan and Bhatt is a Masaba fangirl. So, when somebody asks why she's famous, it's only right that Masaba sets the record straight.





"How and why exactly is Viv Richards’ kid famous? I know she sort of created a yellow color for Tata Nano.." asked a Tweeter recently.

To which, Masaba replied, "Because,I do good work. I do my work diligently.And like my famous father, I get written about because I haven’t taken a day off, despite being trolled by people like you. Now,would you like to join me for a game of cricket? Cos I can bat,too."




And we hope you're taking notes because this is a total 101 on how to hit back like a bawse.





For them ‘bastard kids’.🤡

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But this is not the first time Masaba has taught her haters their rightful insignificance. "My legitimacy comes from the work I do and what my contribution to society has been. And you can try but you will not be able to raise a single finger on either of the two," Masaba had written on Instagram last October, when trolls had attacked her.

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