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'Tis the season to bake, Maria Goretti tells you what you need to kickstart your journey

From a good oven to loads of patience, all you need to bake up a storm

Arpita Kala 28 December 2017, 4:23 AM
Maria Goretti has some expert tips for you

Maria Goretti has some expert tips for you Image: Facebook

While on the television screen, former VJ, columnist and actor Maria Goretti may be telling you about how to leave your baking fears behind, do you really know what you need to start this journey? Well, Maria is here to help.

We spoke to the host of the show I Want to Bake Free on Living Foodz about the things you must have in your kitchen to bake just about anything. "In baking, it's all about the prep and then it's all good from there," says Maria.

First thing, you need an oven, of course. In Maria's words "an oven that works very well". She says, "You don't have to be petrified of the oven. Just understand that this requires a little time, a certain temperature and a recipe that you'd be able to whip up the first time around." 

Next up, you need a weighing scale and then the good ol' timer, especially if you are one of those who swear that time truly does fly. "You also need to have patience and a deep passion of never giving up. You can't hurry up the baking process. Also, you can adjust the salt in your food, adjust your cooking and reheat the undercooked food. But with baking, you need to get it right the first time around, " she says. 



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And if you already have a recipe in mind to try out for your first baking experiment, here's an expert tip. Maria says, "A baker has a different mindset. When you're baking desserts, breads, tarts or quiche, you need to be a little more precise. While when you're baking, you need to worry about the fact that (it might) get overcooked and get dry or get undercooked. "

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