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5 reasons taking a break is a good idea. Take a cue from Malaika-Arbaaz

A break ain't a break-up. If Malaika-Arbaaz can have a happy ending, so can you. Here's why

Arpita Kala 6 August 2016, 5:48 PM
Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan join B-town's cool-ex brigade

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan join B-town's cool-ex brigade Image: Facebook

Taking a break from your boo is always not a bad thing, though we do understand the mini atom bomb that goes off in your head when a significant other asks for one. So, unless you or your partner are using 'taking some time apart' as an excuse to avoid a messy break up, here's why time-out may be a good idea. It seems to have worked out fine for Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan (hasn't it?), who reportedly announced they were taking a break a few months ago and now, reportedly, have buried the hatchet. So, check out why a break-up to make-up can be good for you:


  • You stop dragging a dead horse: Spending time apart makes the picture way clearer: either you miss your partner like hell or you heave a sigh of relief. Either way the realisation will dawn on you whether you guys were together just for the heck of it or because you genuinely adore each other despite the snag in the relationship.

  • You do you, boo: Especially if yours is an eons old relationship, a break will help you concentrate on 'Me' rather than 'We'. Sure, you will mope for a couple of days, but the time to think will help you prioritise what you want in life and whether or not the relationship was holding you back.

  • Angels come out of hiding: Now, that you aren't joined at the hips, your friends and family will come out of hiding to give their opinions on your 'time out'. Though the heart wants what it wants, their happiness or disappointment with the break speaks volumes about the quality of your relationship.

  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder: Now, that you're calm and not in each other's face, it's easy to realise your true feelings and isolate the fighting matches or their quirks. If you both fondly recall the good times rather than the bad, the break did you good and you can move on to the next point.

  • Rekindle the spark: Unlike an on-off relationship, if you both are on the same page, making up after a time out can re-ignite the old passion and the feels that brought you together in the first place. In short, a successful break makes you appreciate your relationship better and you live happily ever after (Or, at least try to). The End.


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