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Making an entry into the professional world? You better dress to impress at work

Work wardrobe for beginners

Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 1 June 2018, 5:53 PM
Smart dressing at work will take you far

Smart dressing at work will take you far Image: THINKSTOCK

Someone once mentioned that you should always dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you have picked up an internship this summer or got a job at a trainee level, this may actually sound ridiculous to you right now, but this tip actually works.

As much as people say that don't judge a book by its cover, you should know that in the professional world, most workers get judged on their work wear, especially if it involves public dealing.

Remember The Devil Wears Prada? Miranda Priestly starts noticing Andy Sachs only after she starts dressing right for her job. And that's absolutely true in all kinds of jobs, not just in fashion.  

Dressing smartly to work will always give you an edge over others, and with a few intelligent additions to your wardrobe, you too can make a cool impression on your co-workers. Ayushi Gudwani, founder of FableStreet, an online platform that retails work wear for women, suggests that before buying a piece of garment one should always calculate the price on the number of times it will be worn.

She says, "Before purchasing a new outfit, just do a mental calculation of how many times will you be wearing it. If it's a piece that can be worn several times and can be matched with other outfits, then you shouldn't haggle much on the pricing."

She adds, "A quality linen dress, a pair of slim-fit trousers and a good blouse are what you need to buy if you are joining a new workplace. And, invest in matching shoes, belts and bags to complete your look. Always choose comfort over style. Quality stuff always stands out, so invest in key pieces that will never go out of style."

 Summers are meant for outfits which are fashioned out of lightweight fabric that let you breathe and help you get through a tough day at work. Designer Nandita Basu, who recently launched her work wear collection for modern Indian women, says, "A dark high-waist wide-leg trouser with a statement shirt paired with heels is a good example of classic work wear. Panelled colour block dresses or shift dresses with a boxy cut and trendy gathered sleeves are great for an effortlessly edgy look. High-quality cotton jackets and blazers made with Ikat fabrics are great for the boardroom look."

Your choice of clothing defines your personality and shows your confidence — it speaks of your nature of work. "Women especially have the leverage to add to their aura with accessories," mentions Nandita, adding, "Be at your minimal best by teaming up a cotton scarf with a formal dress, or add a nice detail to the outfit with a leather belt. Experiment with silhouettes and patterns; adding pastels to your collection will give it a fresh feel while maintaining the professional vibe. A pair of wide-legged Ikat pants could become that wardrobe staple you’ve been looking for. It is perfect for an office meeting or a lunch out. A statement shirt with a plaid pencil skirt or high waist trousers along with a jacket thrown in can be a worthwhile investment. " 

So girls, if you are stepping into the professional world, remember it is not necessary to invest in high-end couture outfits — it is always a smart choice to get a custom-made outfit that is tailored and fits beautifully.

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