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Ladies, 7 signs that he is a playa/f*ckboi

You probably have seen them, but kinda missed the point

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 19 June 2018, 5:12 PM
Spot the signs, ladies? Run for your life...

Spot the signs, ladies? Run for your life... Image: Twitter

Hey gurl, is he everything you wanted in a man? Or maybe not, cuz you wouldn't be here in the first place if it were so. Women just have the bad name, but men are the most complicated species ever. They just don't know what they want from life. At least, those of them who know, are not up for discussion today.

Today, we are talking about the kind of men women instantly fall for only to realise that they are the ones one shouldn't have had feelings for in the first place – they ain't going to be reciprocated. Like ever!

The ever-confused, the ever-commitment phobe, the players, who say the right things at the right time, but end up being the wrong ones. Ladies, we're talking about the f*ckbois and the players that creep into our lives and we come undone.

Smooth operator

Smooth operator GIF: Giphy

Their charm is irresistible and they are definitely not the kind of men the doctor ordered. If you are on the road to heartbreak, they'd lead you right there. But have you seen the signs? Oh, there are always signs. Dudettes, we tend to miss them, but they are always there.

In addition to not making the 'ship official, here are the classic one-liners your f*ckboi is def going to use on you, and then there are the signs. We asked our lovely ladies around and here's what they've got to say.

1. "I'm so attracted to you. But let's not give this a name and ruin it, okay?”. “Also, the shirtless bathroom selfie, just out of bed hair. Or a gym selfie with the t-shirt pulled up to reveal abs.” – Jinal Bhatt

2. “'Send nudes'. Ooh and also texting only at late bedtime for a quick booty call.” – Arpita Kala

3. "We are Beeesssttttt Friendsss!!!!!” – Reshma Gupta

4. “You're too perfect for me and that's why I can't date you.” – Tarana Arora

5. “The unoriginal ones wear baggy joggers, sometimes a snapback and say "I'm not a fuckboy" quite often.” – Bulbul Rajagopal

6. “A million selfies on his stories with a different girl every time and tagging it ‘bae'.” – Krishna Tanna

7. “For me, my litmus test flags are if a guy flaks women in general and talks about how women always demand commitment.” – Sushri Sangeeta Sahu.

Always flanked by girls

Always flanked by girls GIF: Giphy

Heard 'em right? Now take it from yours truly, who is sort of a f*ckboi magnet. The bois I have encountered range from all sections of society. The aspiring actors to merchant navy officers to sales managers to corporate lawyers. Signs I've noticed? Umm, they play their cards right with the words. They will praise you, say how beautiful you are, and always take you on face value. Quite literally.

Then, there are those who cease communication throughout the week and only text or call you when they need that booty call. And even if they ask you about your day or anything in general, they tend to dismiss the actual answer and move straight up to the thing they want to talk about i.e. sex.

Let's talk about it

Let's talk about it GIF: Giphy

There are the ones who straight up proposition you for a “friends with benefit” set-up.

Oh, and how can I forget the ones who are still too hung up on their ex and constantly talk about her? There are men who call their ex names and find every ex toxic. Now, they may or may not have been toxic, but a gentleman never talks about a lady in any disrespectful way, even though she was a complete b**ch to him.

They never talk about their ex nicely

They never talk about their ex nicely GIF: Giphy

And lastly, if he asks always talks about sex. Every conversation with them has a sexual undertone.

There's a sea of players and FBs out there. But how do you separate them from the nice guys? Umm, by having a strong fuckboi detecter. Notice these red flags and pay attention to their words. The answers are right there in front of you.

Thank us later. x.o.x.o. Happy 'shipping!

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