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Kunal Kamra has something to tell younger comedians after getting an eviction notice

The comedian was recently asked to vacate his rented apartment over WhatsApp by his landlady. The reason is... well, unbelievable

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 25 January 2018, 7:04 PM
Kunal Kamra is going live soon

Kunal Kamra is going live soon Image: YouTube/ Kunal Kamra

Comedian Kunal Kamra is looking for a one BHK in Mumbai's Shivaji Park area, cuz his landlady just WhatsApped him with a one-month eviction notice. Kamra of Shut Up Ya, Kunal fame, has taken to Facebook to address younger comedians, and warn them that having and expressing political opinions comes at a price.

The comedian, who is known for his fierce political sketches, quit Twitter recently after facing flak over his old tweets. Kamra was recently told to evict his apartment as a few 'political problems' cropped up for his landlords. "As a comedian having a political opinion comes at a cost," Kunal says in his Facebook post.

"Public figures who have some power will continuously tell you on DM that they love your work but they will never share your stuff or stick up for you," adds the comedian. He also talks about how hypocritical showrunners and campaigners really are, as they never want to endorse risky humour, escpecially for international shows — "NRI log ko india main kya chal raha hai malum hi nahi hai."



"One day your land lady will ask you to vacate her house and look for another place because of your political opinion. And while all this going on and you're particularly suicidal, HDFC will message you asking you if you've linked your Aadhar Card," says the comedian who hasn't lost his wit in the face of a poorly written eviction message.


Comedian Atul Khatri responded to Kamra's post, saying it was "sad and disguting." Anyway, back to the issue at hand — do you know of a 1BHK in Shivaji Park, cuz we know someone is looking.

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