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Kit Harington has moved in with his girlfriend. What to keep in mind before you take that plunge

From keeping the chemistry sizzling to settling house-bills, here's how make it work

Arpita Kala 25 May 2017, 8:17 PM
Kit Harington and Rose Leslie at the The Olivier Awards 2017

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie at the The Olivier Awards 2017 Image: Getty

Actor Kit Harington aka Jon Snow from the hit television series, Game of Thrones, has taken a major step. The 30-year-old recently confirmed that he's enjoying his moving in phase with his girlfriend, Rose Leslie. Looks like the actor took 'Winter is coming' a tad too seriously.

However, we can't help but admire the actor for taking the plunge despite all the naysayers saying it's too soon. Shacking up with bae is the easiest way to tell if they are 'The One' or Mr/Ms Right Now. Apart from figuring out their annoying or cute quirks, you also riddle them out as a person as well as their lifestyle. It's better to find out that you guys are not meant to be sooner than later. So, here are some tips to help you ace the living-in scene:

Know that things won't be the same

Living together is the adulting phase of your love. It will be fun sometimes but most of the times it's just practical, frustrating and absolutely necessary. Dinner dates may just give way to arguments over 'who's going to cook tonight?' and compliments about your dress may just change to helping each other do the laundry. But, if you can make this work, you are lucky enough to have a mature, reassuring love.

Talk money

If you and your boo are big on going Dutch for your dates, this one should be a cinch. No relationship is safe from suspicions or grudges when it comes to financial issues. Remember to keep tabs on spending using apps such a Splitwise or make it a rule to write down all your spendings in a diary for clarity. It may seem a tad cold at first, but sorting out finances can keep you away from nasty fights in the long run.

You're not engaged

Whether you have discussed it with your parents or not, living together is usually all about testing waters before you finally say 'I do'. However, make sure to not become a nag and ensure that your partner doesn't either. Both of you should be entitled to as much freedom as you did when y'all were dating and not sharing a house. Too many dos and don'ts take the fun out of this situation, and it will only make both of you feel as if you are shacking up with a parent. 

Keep the spark alive

Between work, hurried goodmorning kisses and daily chores around the house, don't let your relationship fall into a rut. From gymming together to keep looking hot for each other and coming up with surprise dates, make sure you both remember what it felt like during the first few months of dating.

You can check out any time

This is life and it won't be the same without anything going wrong. If living together has made you realise that this relationship isn't working out for you, don't waste time in discussing it with your partner. The normal breaking-up rules apply here too. So, keep it simple, honest and don't play the blame-game. On the other hand, if your partner wants to fly solo, make sure you understand why and let him or her go.

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