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Katy Perry in Snow White drag needs to be in the next Disney movie

We bet Perry could officially get a job at Disney as a Snow White impersonator if the whole singing thing falls through

Nanda Das @nanda1das 1 May 2018, 6:05 PM
Katy definitely looked like the fairest judge of all

Katy definitely looked like the fairest judge of all Image: Twitter

Time and again Katy Perry has presented her love for Disney with her over-the-top costumes, be it at the Hollywood Walk of Fame or her amusement park outings. So, when Perry got the opportunity to relive a Disney moment on a special episode of the reality show American Idol, she aced it like a pro. 

On the last episode of American Idol, contestants had to perform songs related to Disney movies and to go with the theme, the Roar hitmaker dressed up like Snow White while her dog was dressed like Mickey Mouse. We don't want to ask for much but Katy and her doggo need a Disney movie. STAT.

She shared her happy look on Twitter, and revealed she is waiting for her prince charming.  Is she hinting at Orlando Bloom, we wonder? 

And soon, she became the talking point on social media. 

On the show, she even did this. Ewww.  

But fans can't get enough of her princess look 

Pretty impressive, right? 

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