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Kareena Kapoor Khan busts 5 common diet myths with her celeb dietician Rujuta Diwekar

The actor reveals she gorged on everything, from ghee to pizzas, and doles out some serious diet tips for new mums

Jayeeta Mazumder 15 February 2017, 8:44 PM
Kareena Kapoor Khan with Rujuta Diwekar

Kareena Kapoor Khan with Rujuta Diwekar Image: Fotocorp

There's one thing Kareena Kapoor Khan has never done throughout her pregnancy or after she's had Taimur. She's never hidden herself from the prying public domain and neither has she been apologetic about that pregnancy weight. FYI, she had put on 18 kilos. And she spoke about everything, from dealing with pregnancy cravings to the temptations of going back to her Tashan (size zero) diet, at a Facebook Live session for dietician Rujuta Diwekar's book launch.

The celeb dietician just released Pregnancy Notes and the poster girl, obviously, had to be her friend and client, Kareena. When pregnant, Kareena's day began with a fruit and her diet consisted mainly of yogurt, bajra roti, milk, jaggery, parathas, rice, ghee et al. The two of them spoke at length about everything that makes a pregnant woman healthy and busted myths that make you go 'are you serious?'



Here's proof:

Myth 1: Sugar is enemy:

Kareena says how she'd come to believe that a sugar-free diet helps maintain your health. “And Rujuta was like no! She's completely against sugar-free. So, adding a little sugar is fine because that's going to help in the long run,” Kareena asserts. Rujuta put a deadline of about 7 months for her post-pregnancy weight loss process. “And it's been 10 days since it's begun and I'm already seeing results,” admits the actor.

Myth 2: Dairy is to be avoided:

Like a lot of us, Kareena was certain that dairy should be avoided at all costs. “People told me to be dairy-free and Rujuta was completely against the idea. She told me to have a tall glass of milk every night. So, I eat and enjoy everything in moderation and that's why my son and I enjoy everything she lists for us,” laughs Kareena. Rujuta informs that in one pregnancy, you can lose up to five years worth of calcium from the body. And consuming milk helps gain it back. “Dairy also helps you burn more fat,” affirms the dietician.

Myth 3: Cheese, oil, ghee need to be banned

Nope, not if you are Kareena Kapoor Khan. She has no qualms admitting she gorged on all of it. “I enjoyed my pregnancy, and it was for the world to see. I carried Taimur with a lot of energy and joy. I put on 18 kilos, but I flaunted it till the day I walked in to the hospital. I didn't care! I ate well and I say this with a lot of pride that Taimur is very good looking not because he's mine. Yes, he's got the Pathan genes but it's also because I ate a lot of ghee, paranthas, pizzas and everything people tell you not to,” reveals the new mommy.

Myth 4: Carbs are bad

Rujuta has listed a diet for the actor that includes rice and carbs twice a day. Kareena was initially surprised about that diet call. She recalls, “I was like, 'You're giving me too much carbs! Rice in the day and rice in the night! Then she told me that we need to help prepare the body to burn more fat. She told me to eat fat to burn the extra fat. I was aghast but I'm seeing results.”

Myth 5: Crash diets work wonders

Even though Kareena did feel tempted to go back to her Tashan diet that would make her lose weight faster, Rujuta refused. Instead, she wanted the actor to take one step at a time towards a healthy lifestyle. “I don't want to crash diet where I have hair fall and bad skin because I am in a profession where it's, perhaps, okay if I put on extra kilos but ultimately I have to have my face on the screen. So, I eat everything from til ke laddoos to achaar but in moderation,” Kareena admits.

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