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Kanye West gets called out for bro-zoning Donald Trump. Kim Kardashian comes to his defense

Is this the start to a new bromance?

Nanda Das @nanda1das 27 April 2018, 10:18 PM
There there, Kayne. Kim K's got your back

There there, Kayne. Kim K's got your back Image: Facebook

Whatever Kanye West is on these days, we want. After firing his manager and lawyers, and teasing fans about his new album after a gap of two years, Kanye recently just went ahead and declared his love for the US President, Donald Trump. 

Of late, the rapper has been tweeting away to glory including several pro-Trump posts. Ahem! It all started early this week when the Gold Digger hitmaker tweeted about everything from his Yeezy fashion line to Coachella to his daughter, North. Finally, he also send some love to his 'brother' Trump.


Kayne fans were almost on the verge of boycotting the singer for the rest of their lives. But in other news, the brotherly feeling seems mutual. Such bro-mance, much wow.

Kayne may not bother about what his fans say but he does sit up and take notes when it's the Mother of North (yes, we just slyly placed a Game Of Thrones pun there. You're welcome), Kim Kardashian. And in the next tweet he did clarify his political views. Some damage control, maybe?

Like every nagging (read: loving) wife, Kim K rebuked hubby dearest in private but came out defending him in public. Aww, so much rant.. err... love.



So that's settled. A couple that tweets together, stays together.

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