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Kanan Gill's show, Keep it Real, is the freshest thing you can stream this week

The comedian has a brand new show, and it is worth all your time

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 1 June 2017, 9:49 PM
Kanan Gill is coming to NH7 Weekender

Kanan Gill is coming to NH7 Weekender Image: YouTube

Mr Breezy of Indian stand-up comedy, Kanan Gill, has a new Amazon Prime Special, in which he Keeps it Real. Literally. The show is called Keep it Real, and five minutes into the sketch, you'll find those signature Kanan Gill moments, which you've been looking for. It's funny, affable and distressingly close to home.

"People tell me all the time, Kanan, don't make fun of cow, they give us milk. I don't think so. I think we take milk," said Kanan during his latest Amazon outing. "A cow isn't showing up to your house, saying, 'Hi, myself Nandini. I noticed your fridge is empty. Can I help you out with that?" he said. We don't know about you, but this made us take a long pause.

"Most Indian families have one extra child and you know who you are," amid the roar of the 'extra' children ROFL-ing. "If you're an only child, it's because your parents had you and realised that they don't like children," he adds. "You date for long enough, you go from two separate interesting people, into one boring entity," says the comedian. "Loves to travel + Hates to travel = Travels sometimes angrily," so true, so true. Keep it Real is not overtly ambitious, or too cerebral, because on some level, stand-up comedy needs to be an easy platter. It must, especially at this moment, be for everybody, especially if the genre has to branch out.

So, Kanan bickering about his parents, or his quips about futile masculinity has its own perspective, but is also relatable to every middle-class desi millennial. If you still haven't subscribed to Amazon Prime, it is high time you do.

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