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Just my luck! Men who date me end up with 'the one' right after me. FML!

Putting up an advert soon: Date me and find 'the one'

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 5 March 2018, 10:22 PM
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Looking for the one? You'll get her, right after dating me

Looking for the one? You'll get her, right after dating me

I am 26 and single. Not that I have a problem with either of the two.

In fact, it is more a declaration of pride rather than a statement of sadness made out of society's pity showered upon singles on the other side of 25.

Yeah, they tend to do that. (Psst, you surely know that!)




I am at that 'ripe' age which people (from nosy neigbours to the milkman) think is the best time for me to get married or find myself a partner. It starts with the drill, "When are you getting married?" and ends with, "If you're seeing anyone, then how about getting married to him?"

But on hearing of my happily unmarried, rocking single life, their facial expressions reflect the utmost concern (at times, pseudo) for me. Then comes the ultimate line: How come you are single? You are so pretty. Or don't you want us to know?





Umm, which part do people not get? And since when did looks became the determining factor for someone's relationship status? So, it would have been okay for me to be single had I not been pretty? Huh?





But it's not like I have never dated or not been in a relationship. There have been a few actually. But what can I do if they don't last? Not that I am a very difficult person to deal with *my friends are laughing reading this *





In a relationship, I am the most chill, no-f**ks-to-give, secure person. Sadly, the guys I used to see craved drama. And, I said #KThanxBye to BS.

But there's one very interesting thing that I have noticed with people who seem to be interested in me. Right after being with me, or even while dating me, they seem to find 'the one'. No kidding! That happens for real!

It's like the film Good Luck Chuck, where Chuck used to date/do the deed with women and they found their one true love right after him. I think I am Chuck's IRL counterpart.

The first time, the guy was more interested in me and I was playing hard to get. But I said yes eventually. Two months into the relationship, he went poof! No explanation, no apology. Total MIA! I heard from an acquaintance he found someone. Good for him.

The second time around, I was totally smitten with the guy, but he got into a relationship with someone else. A year later, he broke up with her and thought things could work out with me. I fell for the guy, for real this time — maybe, adhuri khwaishein (unfulfilled wishes, you know). Two months into the dilemma of 'to be or not to be' in a relationship tussle, the same sh*t happened again. I was like, 'Are you kidding me?' He's in a secure relationship with her and it's been close to four years now.





Up until then, I was thinking it was a mere coincidence that it happened with me twice. Then sealing my faith in the theory (that I thought I was concocting in my head), was the next experience. I was sort of dating (blurred lines there mate) a guy online. Everything was okay in the not-so-defined relationship. One month later — eh, you guessed it! — he found his 'the one' and they are still together. It has been three years.

Post that, things got so Chuck-y with me that there was a guy I went on one date with and a couple of months later, even he got into a steady relationship. I was like — Wow! I am my own version of Cupid in other people's lives (but not my own). Fair enough!





To convince my mains that these sort of weird things are happening with me, I tried it on a Tinder date. One date, and after a few weeks — Ah! You know what happened.

I know you might be thinking (as others have too), it is just circumstantial. But dude, who am I kidding? How many more of such situations do I need to encounter before I accept the truth?

So with a proven theory, I silently bowed out of the whole dating game (the getting-serious-with-someone business) with the attitude, "What has to happen, will happen! We shall see. Have my share of fun, and say 'Toodles' to negativity."





Now on dates (casual ones, of course), I even crack the joke and lay out the inference of my social experiment. But does it hit bull's eye for them, too? Oh, I don't keep in touch to find that out.

One thing is for sure, I am going to put out an advert pretty soon: Date me and find 'the one', right after me! *winks*

So what if I can't find that 'love' in my life; at least, I can be the facilitator for others.

For dating queries, please leave a message in the comments section below. Your one true love (the one after me, of course) awaits you.

*Conditions apply. Offer subject to validation and mood of the author.

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