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Jubin Nautiyal takes our really random rapid fire

Ek mulaqat zaroori thi Jubin se...

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 6 June 2018, 5:40 PM
T2 Interview
Jubin Nautiyal gets candid with T2 Online

Jubin Nautiyal gets candid with T2 Online

He has come a long way since his X-Factor days. His voice tugs at the heartstrings, and we are grateful for this Zindagi, that we could have Ek Mulaqat (a virtual one, though) with him. But it was no Ittefaq. Raat is baaki and so is our baat, but we thoroughly enjoy tuning into songs voiced by Jubin Nautiyal.

The Doon boy with the magical voice sat down with us and discussed love, music, the industry, and a lot more. He also took our really random, rapid fire. And? Tune in... err... read along to find out.

How has the response been to Humnava Mere?

It has been very real. I got countless calls, messages, and fan mails. And while reading them I realised people genuinely like the song and they are listening to it on loop.

If you had a chance to cover only three classic songs, which ones would they be?

I got the title of King of Re-creations. LOL! I don’t like it but I have done a lot of re-creations which can also be called cover songs. I have almost covered all the important songs. There are still a few songs I would like to cover. So, Badi Dur Se Aaye Hai by Rafi Saab, Halka Halka Suroor Hai by Nusrat Saab and Live Forever In Me by John Mayer, will be my picks.

Original songs or covers?

Good songs.

Crazy fan experiences, if any?

Scratches on the back due to mobbing by women at a college gig.

3 apps you are hooked to?

Guitar Tuner, Metronome and Tanpura .

3 things wrong with the music industry at present?

Umm... A lesser number of solo songs for women. Non-musical decision makers taking creative calls. And dearth of good original melodies.

Live performances or studio recordings?


One song you think you could have sung better if given a chance to record again?

I don’t believe in good and better, I believe every artiste has the right to individual expression, and I respect that.

Getting into music, what was the pull?

I found my love for music pretty early on. What helped was my parents' love and support throughout my journey.

Actors you wish to voice for?

Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan.

A song that was an unexpected hit for you?

Ek Mulaqat.

A genre you were slightly uncomfortable with, but after singing, it got easier?

Dance numbers were difficult for me, but then I did Humma song. That broke the inhibition.

Three things in your pocket right now

My wallet. My parents' picture in my wallet. And some peanuts.

Define love using just lines from a song.

Apni shaamon mein hissa phir kisi ko na diya, Ishq tere bina bhi maine tujhse hi kiya, Humnava mere tu hai to meri saansein chale, Bata de kaise main jiyunga tere bina...

What's next after this music video?

Up next are some brilliant film songs that I’ve sung, which will release soon. After getting such a beautiful response on Humnava  I think I will want to start working on the next track that I want to shoot and create a single out of it.

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