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JLF Insider brings you the underside of Jaipur Literature Festival

JLF Insider did what they do best — threw some major shade at panelists. From Shashi Tharoor to Suhel Seth, no one was spared

Jayeeta Mazumder 23 January 2017, 6:41 PM
Shashi Tharoor is at it again

Shashi Tharoor is at it again Image: IANS

Jaipur Literature Festival is the most popular, most talked-about literature festival in the country. So, on its last day today, we have a not-so-awed take from the arena, thanks to Twitter handle @JLFInsider.

Here's presenting JLF Insider, who believes in serving bias-free inside accounts straight from the lit fest. The same one where Rishi Kapoor gets as much stage time as Booker winner Paul Beatty. Where Suhel Seth and Shashi Tharoor earn a full house. Where the charged-up sessions get talked about for years to come.

And then @JLFInsider happens:

Things are kept topical. This is for the time when incensed speakers pulled out of the fest, thanks to participation from RSS leaders. So, JLF's insider had to have a say:

And the uncensored, uncut reports come in just like that. Ah!

A straight-up honest description of the crowd in attendance:

All the dope on how one keeps things entertaining at the fest:

Insider is clearly obsessed with Shashi Tharoor:

Insider also recognises true-blue self-confessed 'geeks':

This is exactly how 'literature fans' behave at a literature festival. Take note, please:

Even the most intellectual authors weren't spared. Like Rishi Kapoor:

Or, panelist Imtiaz Ali (who, umm, has everything to do with literature *insert guffaw*):

While not-so-important writers like Dalits and tribals and people of colour are kept invisible at the fest. Did we hear someone bring up 'inclusivity'?

But all's well that ends well, no?

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