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Jacqueline Fernandez just shared her favourite hack to make new hairstyles

The actor takes help from 'mummy poo' to get her hair on fleek. Here's how...

Arpita Kala 10 September 2017, 6:00 PM
Jacqueline Fernandez shares mommy love on social media

Jacqueline Fernandez shares mommy love on social media Image: Instagram

If you didn't already know, Jacqueline Fernandez is a mama's girl. The actor's mum, Kim, is a common fixture on her Instagram account under the name 'mummy poo' and, apart from flying over when the actor is sick and whipping up homefood on demand, it seems that mummy poo also plays hairstylist to the actor.

Jacqueline took to her Instagram stories to share videos while getting ready for a family shindig and the actor has her mum playing hairdresser by curling her ponytail with an automatic hair-curling contraption.

When you're in a rush to style your hair and don't have ideas, just curl 'em to get a classic styled look in minutes. Just like Jacqueline did. Bonus points if you can find some pearly or glittery hair accessory to pin and get going.


Also, if you wanted an extra pair of hands while getting ready, take a cue from Jacqueline and invest in mom-friendly hairstyling tools for a perfect mother-daughter bonding session. Yep, mummy poo is using the current hottest gadget in the hairstyling world, an automatic curler. All you need is to section your hair and place it inside the contraption. The curler sucks the hair inside and produces gorgeous curly hair. Take a look at this tutorial to get the hang of it:

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