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It's gut-wrenching and cuts into my business: Rohit Bal shames his plagiarist on social media

The celeb designer has had enough of fashion piracy

15 June 2017, 7:52 PM
Rohit Bal crusades against encroaching parking spaces

Rohit Bal crusades against encroaching parking spaces Image: Facebook

Rohit Bal has had enough. You don't mess with fashion's enfant terrible and get away with it, tbh. The designer has rightly lashed out at a Chandni Chowk boutique for "blatant plagiarism". Rohit has claimed that the outlet has been selling his copies for a while now.



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"Here is another example of blatant plagiarism which has been carrying on for a while. A brand called Asian Couture has been doing this for some time now. The worst part is that they just don't care," Bal posted on his Instagram and Facebook pages, along with a few photographs comparing his designs with the boutique's designs.

"I've tried my best to stop them but nothing has worked. These are the sort of establishments that need to be targeted. Am posting a few examples. They even have the audacity to put their name on the images when they advertise them. It's gut-wrenching and infuriating and really cuts into my business. But they have been doing it blatantly and without any sense of shame. Despicable parasites," he added.

This isn't the first time Bal has spoken out about plagiarism, and we don't think it will be his last. Bal had also taken on designer Seema Mehta for one of her creations, which had a resemblance to his Summer/ Resort 2016 collection. After getting to know about the design worn by one of his models on Facebook, Bal posted: "The orginal by Rohit Bal, the fake by some parasitical designer."

Most Indian designers don't speak up about fashion plagiarism, but Bal's open shaming brings the rampant issue to the fore. And it isn't one to be dismissed just like that.

(Source: IANS)

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