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It's a fish. It's a mermaid. No, those are fishtail eyebrows!

And we're trying to browbeat you into trying it

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 15 May 2018, 1:06 PM
There's something fishy about that brow

There's something fishy about that brow Image: Instagram

By now we've gotten accustomed to bizarre AF beauty trends, what with teeth nails, hair nails, jewelled eyebrows, and what not. But then we spot fishtail brows, and guess what? These might actually be wearable.

Fishtail brows are called so because, duh. It's simple and doesn't require a battery of make-up artists, products, or, you know, Christmas decorations to master. All you need to do to achieve this look is a perfect pointy eyebrow. Well, twice over. In opposite directions.

One of the first instances we spotted this trend was when make-up mogul Huda Kattan shared the look on her Instagram page. She, however, didn't draw it, she photoshopped it instead. But since then, the trend has picked up with many trying to replicate the look with actual make-up. 

To be honest, these are one of the least weird trends we've seen and simply by virtue of that we're going to give it a thumbs up. And we may even suggest you try it yourself. That is not to say you wear one to an afternoon brunch, or a first date or an office party. But the next time you're invited to a theme party, this trend may come in handy. Come to think of it, first dates are actually theme parties, right?

So here's how you can get it:

  1. Start with a clean, oil-free face. Use a concealer to conceal away half (the bottom, tail half) of your eyebrow. (Just do it)
  2. Now, using an eyebrow pencil, draw over the visible part of the eyebrow, starting at the nose-end, moving outward and upward. Complete the eyebrow with a tip and everything. At this point, you should look like Captain Spoke from Star Wars. If you're not, then you've done something wrong. Start over.
  3. Now, use the pencil to draw another tail โ€” resembling the split tail fin of a fish โ€” over your natural brow tail (yup, the part you had concealed in step 1).
  4. Make sure there's a distinct gap between the two edges โ€” with one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards.
  5. Complete the look with eyeshadow, bronzer and everything else. Since the eyebrow is out to make a statement, we suggest you skip any crazy eyeshadow palate you were probably thinking of. Keep the rest of the make-up simple, too. 

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