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Indie band Peter Cat Recording Co take our really random, pre-gig rapid fire

Before their Mumbai gig at AWESTRUNG, the band's frontman Suryakant Sawhney talks to T2 Online and spills some deets

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 18 May 2018, 1:42 PM
T2 Interview
Peter Cat Recording Co is all set to rock Mumbai

Peter Cat Recording Co is all set to rock Mumbai Image: PCRC

Their music is unique and has a futuristic zing to it, with a heavy influence of classic Bollywood and disco, American soul and jazz, African funk, Gypsy and Balkan music, as well as Indian psychedelic and drone music.

If you have seen their videos, you'd know how they bring a distinctive blend of classic jazz with romance and poetry that they feel is “describing the life of the individual and society in this bleak and difficult period in history”.

We're talking about Delhi-based Indie band Peter Cat Recording Co (PCRC)– which consists of Suryakant Sawhney, the lead singer and guitarist; Karan Singh, the drummer; Rohan Kulshreshtha, bassist and electronics; and Kartik Pillai, keyboardist and electronics. 

PCRC is set to perform at High Street Phoenix's AWESTRUNG on May 18. But before that, their frontman Suryakant takes our really random, pre-gig rapid fire. And? Well, why don't you see for yourself...

Why the name Peter Cat?

From an experience in Kolkata when I was 20 (Peter Cat is the name of a restaurant in Kolkata).

The genres you guys experiment with is commendable. How do you manage to bring such varied genres into a single recording?

There is no real concerted effort to be so varied but I feel we naturally exist in a bubble, unfiltered by cultural heritage.

You have plans to refine your old songs and re-launch them, adding a more futuristic touch to them. What made you guys take that up?

It felt like an apt first release, something to test the waters as we finally make an international push.

What's 'jajj'?

Jajj is a fake genre we use to identify some of the more pseudo jazzy music we like to play. Originally coined by a drunk IPS patron in Jaipur who seemed to enjoy our music.

What can we expect from you guys at this AWESTRUNG?

An above-average life experience.

International audience or desis?

Whichever's more inebriated.

5 music apps you can't do without?

A voice recorder is all I use.

Do you read? If yes, the last book you read was?

Collapse by Jared Diamond.

Pre-gig rituals?

Drinks and Otrivin.

Psychedelic music and India?

Irrelevant. The sophistication of Indian classical music is something I'm only beginning to understand.

3 things that are wrong with Indian music scene?


2. 'Us'

3. Political and social indifference.

In other news, the band's latest album Portrait of Time is out and the quartet is busy promoting it.

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