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Here's how to save you bleach-fried hair

Granny chic silver hair or mermaid-inspire blues, follow these tips to colour your hair in every hue with no damage

Arpita Kala 21 August 2016, 5:39 PM
Give your hair some chocolatey love just like Rihanna

Give your hair some chocolatey love just like Rihanna Image: AFP

So, you went ahead and got yourself mermaid hued hair or just a gorgeous neon coloured but now your tresses are feeling the blows of all the bleach treatments. Well, fret not, we have all the help you need to colour your hair in all the rainbow hues imaginable. “Bleach or chemically-treated hair are very weak and it's important to use good shampoos and conditioners on your coloured hair. You need to give extra care and attention,” says Dr. Karuna Malhotra, cosmetologist, Cosmetic Skin and Homeo Clinic. So, follow these tips and get set to rock the next in hair colour.


  • Lather up: Use a good shampoo and conditioners that are made especially for colour treated hair to help retain your color. They are also more gentle on your hair as compared to other products.
    It's a a good idea to not wash your hairs at least 48 hours after coloring so that your hair color has time to settle and get onto your hair strands. This also ensures that your hue stays on for long.

  • Sun-proof your hair: Once you've dabbled in bleach, it's important to use hair products with SPF or UV filters to protect your colour from being faded by the sun and to also help you protect your scalp from sun damage. So, make sure to apply some sunscreen serum or sprays on your head before you set out.

  • Keep touching minimal: We understand that your hair looks gorgeous in the new pink colour, but refrain the urge to keep running your fingers through it. Too much touching can damage the cuticle of the outermost part of the shaft leading to more frizz.

  • Heat styling on the down-low: Using dryers, curling tongs, or straightners on chemically treated hair is like killing your hair and making them more prone to breakage, split-ends and frizz. Opt for protective braided hairdos or let your hair dry naturally instead.

  • Deep conditioning is a must: Use a weekly hair treatment or a deep hair conditioner to keep your color in top condition. Moisturized locks are especially important for coloured hair to look good.


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