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Here's how to save big bucks on travel during Diwali

Last minute travel plans? Here's an expert-approved hack to not burn a hole in your pocket

Arpita Kala 8 October 2017, 6:02 PM
Now, you can also backpack away on a spontaneous trip like Kangana Ranaut in Queen

Now, you can also backpack away on a spontaneous trip like Kangana Ranaut in Queen

Heading home for the festive season or just making some last minute plans, if you are dreading the huge travel fare, you're not alone. According to global travel search engine, Skyscanner, over 40% of travelers are last minute planners who book just a week prior to their travel dates. With Diwali around the corner, there are still many tardy travelers who leave it to the last moment to book flights for their break and risk paying 15% more than the average fare by leaving booking until the last minute. Ouch!

 Don't cancel your plans just yet. Analysing data from last year’s Diwali travel period, Skyscanner notes that flight prices from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore all see a drop two weeks prior to the festival before sharply rising one week before departure. Yep, if you're headed from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to different destinations, you can save 20%, 15% and 6% on flight fares, respectively. Also, here's some food for thought, travelling from Delhi or Mumbai to other cities is actually cheaper than from Bangalore.
So now, you know what to do. Thank us later!

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