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Here's how to celebrate Diwali like a health pro

Avoid the bloated feeling and sickness after the festivities with these healthy hacks

Arpita Kala 20 October 2017, 4:02 PM
Like most Indian festivals, Diwali calls for some heavy-duty eating

Like most Indian festivals, Diwali calls for some heavy-duty eating

Overeating, over-drinking or going completely sleepless create toxicity for your mind and body, and, hence, the need to fall back on a detox diet post Diwali. Staying in balance during the festivities will ensure you don't end up needing a post-Diwali detox.

Munmun Ganeriwal, nutritionist, fitness consultant and founder of ‘Yuktahaar', and nutritionist and health coach Tapasya Mundra dole out tips to remain in shape even after the festive season.

Have a sweet start

Start your day with a teaspoon of gulkand (or a teaspoonful of gulkand mixed in milk). Rich in probiotic bacteria, gulkand works at enhancing your gut flora and thereby curb acidity, constipation, bloating and make your belly look flatter and thinner.

Do not starve

In the middle of all the preparations, cooking, shopping and socialising, make time to eat. Starving during the day and binging at dinner represents the classical fasting and feasting behaviour. Eating every 2-3 hours will make sure you don't end up feeling bloated, acidic, dull or tired. In short, you don't end up needing a post-Diwali detox.

Choose your poison

Stick to the traditional homemade sweets, laddoos, halwas, barfis, etc. Made at home the traditional way, they are nutrient dense and regulate our blood sugars. Result of which is that you don't crave and reach out for a bar of chocolate loaded with harmful preservatives and commercial sugars. 

Fried Food 

Since the homemade namkeens such as mathris, wadas and chaklis are deep fried in ghee or filtered oils like groundnut, sesame etc., they provide for essential fatty acids that work at lowering the overall GI of the food item. Their blood sugar regulating effect will keep you satiated so that you do not end up binge eating later.

Say no to plastic

Avoid the packaged/processed ones since they are loaded with trans fats and high GI carbs, both of which together make for a lethal combination.

Sip slow

If drinking until the crack of dawn makes your Diwali night come alive, ensure you sip on it slow. This also gives you a good reason to eat deep fried snacks/starters or good fats like cheese along with your drinks as it will help to form a thin lining in the stomach to digest the alcohol easily and prevent you from having a bad hangover the next day.

Also make sure to drink enough water throughout the day and between your drinks.

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