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Have you seen the newly-designed Pride flag which is said to be more inclusive?

Graphic designer Daniel Quasar has launched a kickstarter campaign for his redesigned rainbow flag

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 14 June 2018, 3:29 PM
Quasar's redesigned Pride Flag

Quasar's redesigned Pride Flag Image: Instagram/ Daniel Quasar

It's Pride Month, and we have a new Pride Flag which is not just more inclusive but also has new colours, each representing a gender identity/sexual orientation and symbols suggesting a more progressive cultural movement.

Portland-based graphic designer Daniel Qasar has made some modifications to the emblematic rainbow LGBTQ Pride Flag created by late artist Gilbert Baker in 1978.

In a project called Progress: A Pride Flag Reboot, Quasar introduces four extra colours in the existing six-colour pennant. The Progress Pride Flag brings together five chevron lines with the six-coloured rainbow flag, adding black and brown stripes to represent marginalised members of the LGBTQ community who are of colour.

Qasar also incorporated the pastel pink, blue, and white colours which are used for the transgender flag, which was originally designed by activist Monica Helms in 1999. In Quasar's flag, the arrows pointing from left to right represent movement and 'progress (that) still needs to be made.'

Quasar also started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to make his new flag more accessible. "The initial idea was important because I felt like I could bring something to the table when it came to the way the flag was shifting within the community. I am a designer and I wanted to make a change where I saw there was an opportunity. A positive change, in my mind at least," he writes in the campaign page.

He maintains there is still work to be done and that is what he wants to highlight through his efforts. He also explained in detail how he plans to take the crowdfunding initiative forward.

"Flags are expensive to produce unless you are producing them at a very large quantity and made with cheap materials. I wanted to balance a quality product with cost-effective materials and production processes to find the right flag to offer here on Kickstarter," he writes in his campaign pamphlet.

Interestingly, the campaign has already exceeded its $14,000 (around 9 lakh rupees) fundraising goal. Quasar explained in his campaign page that he needed $12,500 for production and shipping costs, and the remainder amount will be divided between processing fees and stickers. Moreover, those who donate $10 or more will get a Pride Flag, along with stickers and a digital pack.

Daniel's campaign details

Daniel's campaign details Image: Instagram/ Daniel Quasar

Gilbert's original Rainbow Flag is used worldwide as a unifying symbol of gay pride but has gone through several revisions since its debut. “Gilbert Baker was an incredibly generous person in general, and as an artist he deliberately did not trademark the Rainbow Flag… I think he definitely left the door open for reinterpretation,” design historian Michelle Millar Fisher, was quoted saying in a Quartzy report.

“If new design provocations like this flag can help important conversations happen, then it is a demonstration of the continuing power of the discipline of design to effect change. More power to that!” she added.

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