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Have you Tindered... sorry, Mindered yet?

Minder is a dating app meant especially for Muslims. But even non-Muslims can give it a try

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 6 July 2018, 4:38 PM
Don't let loose your words on Minder, or you might be left-swiped (Image for representative purpose only)

Don't let loose your words on Minder, or you might be left-swiped (Image for representative purpose only) Image: Thinkstock

You know all about Tinder and Grindr, but do you know what Minder is? Minder is a relatively new dating app on the block. While Tinder is meant for anybody and everybody under the sun, and Grindr is meant for the LGBTQ community, Minder has been devised for Muslims. 

"The place for awesome Muslims to meet" reads the tagline of the app. Minder is dedicated to help connect progressive, smart, fun, and interesting Muslims with each other.

Apart from the religious bit, Minder is a tad different from the rest of the dating apps in other aspects as well. When it comes to Tinder and Grindr, suitors or rather date-hunters generally put up really cool bios. Some of them are quirky while most of them are cheeky. But it's not the same for Minder. Most of the profiles on Minder read a customary 'Assalamualaikum.'

Talking about his experience on Minder, Zeyad Masroor Khan told VICE, "The people were very different from your regular dating app. The standard bio of most girls simply read 'Assalamualaikum'. But there were exceptions. A 25-year-old doctor was 'seeking a doctor for marriage.'"

For Minder, one needs to have a halal lingo, no overtly cheesy and profane pickup lines. And definitely not the three-lettered word *cough* we mean SEX *cough*

"Your eyes are like rivers of jannat (heaven)", "You look like a hoori (angel) from Alpha Centauri”— is how people talk on Minder, according to a VICE report. So, if you are planning to sign up, you gotta step up your game.

Though it's a Muslim dating app, non-Muslims can give it a try. Mumbai's Parth Arora gave it a shot, but his luck didn't quite favour him. "A month later, my app drawer is a boulevard of broken dreams, as not one person has swiped right on me. Not one. #KyaItnaBuraHoonMaiMaa," Parth was quoted saying in the VICE report. 

Probably Parth's bio wasn't good enough. "Religiously and physically extremely flexible," read Parth's bio. So, yeah...

So, are you willing to try your luck on Minder? 

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