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Have you checked out Sonakshi Sinha's red hair yet?

The actor recently bid adieu to her blonde hair, and has found a new love already

Arpita Kala 13 December 2017, 5:53 PM
Sonakshi Sinha makes a big reveal, Ittefaq se

Sonakshi Sinha makes a big reveal, Ittefaq se Image: Fotocorp

Remember when actor Sonakshi Sinha mourned the loss of her blonde do on Instagram? Well, if you were missing the 'Sona' in her hair, too, you can finally stop the grieving.

The actor took to her Insta story yet again to share her hair-transformation. And this time, Sonakshi is rocking red streaks in her brunette do.

Has Sona taken the plunge in a bleach bath again? Or are these harmless coloured hair extensions? Take a dekko:

Sonakshi Sinha

Bleached or extensions, we are digging the red highlights with her all-black outfit and the matching glasses. And it seems that Sona is keen to start a club of badassery where the members would rock red highlights and monopolise elevators to take the perfect selfie. Count us in!

Sonakshi Sinha

With actor Lisa Haydon turning platinum peroxide blonde and Alia Bhatt's troll-worthy bowl cut, looks like it's time for major hair transformations in Bollywood. Stay tuned, we say.

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