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Have you checked out the chic... errm chick versions of your favourite celebs?

Just like chicks, they have yellow faces with no nose. Cute? Well, find out

Nanda Das @nanda1das 10 July 2018, 4:52 PM
We're sure Ellen has something to say about this

We're sure Ellen has something to say about this Image: Instagram

Do you know what's common between Ellen DeGeneres, JK Rowling, Ariana Grande and Ryan Reynolds? Yes, they are are all very popular celebrities, but what else? Well, they just got a chick-makeover. No, we didn't mean a chic makeover. 

It all started five years ago when five artists — Claudette, Leo, Bob, Frida and Joanne — met over a painting class, and then, one fine day, they started painting chick versions of their favourite celebs just for fun. Instead of throwing away their creatives, they posted them on their social media pages.

Much to everyone's surprise, our celebs liked them, too, and found an uncanny resemblance with their portraits, even in those bright yellow faces, with no nose and beaks for mouths.

This was followed by applause right from the horse's mouth. 

Similar was the case with American drag queen RuPaul Andre Charles. 

Here are some more artworks. Though we still don't know what the celebrities in question thought about them.

Besides painting celebrities, they also have a chick-take on current issues and trends. 

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