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Hanger is a totally legit emotion, science confirms

We'll be over here, waiting for our apology cupcakes, which should come with a bigger cake

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 10 May 2018, 4:12 PM
Hanger is real, ask Kylie and Kendall

Hanger is real, ask Kylie and Kendall Image: Twitter

It's major payback time — all the times you've been called a baby or a buzzkill,  just because your system was crying out for carbs, have to be addressed and explained. Science has spoken and turns out hanger is a very legit emotion.

The word hangry, an amalgamation of 'hunger' and 'angry,' is not just a fad or a hashtag anymore. The word has been excessively used in real-life and on social media in the last few years and recently found a place in the Oxford Dictionary.

It's basically an irritability which arises out of hunger. So, all the times you punched your desk or flung your charger across the room could just be a case of the hangries.

"When our blood sugars drop, cortisol and adrenaline rise up in our bodies — our fight or flight hormones. The ones that trigger for hunger are the same ones that trigger for anger and rage and impulsive-type behaviors. So that’s why you get that sort of same response," Sophie Medlin, a lecturer at Kings College, London, was quoted saying at BBC's Woman's Hour, according to a Teen Vogue report.

 "The wonderful world of social media has merged the two words for us and now we know it as 'hanger,' Medlin adds. Yes, it is wonderful that now we can be hangry and proud.

But Medlin also states that hanger is often made out to be a 'woman's emotion.' Are you kidding us? You're misjudging our hanger and being sexist about it?

"It can happen to anybody, and perhaps in terms of neuroscience it’s actually more likely to happen to men than women,” Medlin says, adding that men have more neuropeptide receptors and higher levels of testosterone, which are major hanger triggers.

The nutritionist suggests that the best way to deal with hanger is to snack between meals, preferably with some carbs. We knew it! We were right all along.

Now that that's all cleared up, where are those cupcakes we talked about?

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