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Gurugram's MG Road clubs ban single women, and the reason is really slow clap-worthy

Only married women, either with hubbies in tow or with proof of marriage, are eligible for a drink or two in the 'elite' clubs

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 12 July 2018, 1:56 PM
Ladies, Gurugram clubs aren't the best places to go to right now

Ladies, Gurugram clubs aren't the best places to go to right now Image: Thinkstock/Tapasri Saha

Ladies, umm... correction... single ladies, if you are in Gurugram and plan to go to any of the clubs on MG Road with your girlfriends or on a date, abort mission. We repeat, ABORT MISSION. Because chances are really high you will not be given entry.

In an utterly regressive move that puts misogyny and sexism on the forefront, clubs in Gurugram's MG Road area have banned entry for single women. Only married women, that too, either with hubbies in tow or with proof of marriage, are eligible for a drink or two in the “elite” clubs. Wow! Gurugram just outdid itself.

The move came in after police raids were conducted to check alleged solicitation and immoral trafficking. So, instead of providing protection and being more proactive in keeping women safe, what did the club owners collectively decide to do in an underground meeting of sorts? Simple! Ban all single women from entering. Whatte wow! We can't help but slow clap right in their faces. 

Well done!

Well done! GIF: Giphy

So, now in order to drink in our country, women need to get married. Seems like an enormous price to pay for a drink, right?

“We have barred the entry of single women in our clubs since the arrests were made. Our business is as good as closed if the presence of women is made out to be an issue. But we don’t have a choice. We are suffering huge losses,” Lalit Singh, a club owner, told Hindustan Times.

“We do not want more trouble. We do not want police to suspect us because of the presence of single women. They will raid us and book us for immoral trafficking. Also, there are strict directions from the police to ensure no single woman is allowed in the club though they did not give us any written orders,” said another club owner.

But did the police give such directions? Umm, no! Police commissioner KK Rao said, “I have not passed any order against the entry of single women in clubs. That said, I am well aware that illegal activities take place in such areas, which makes them unsafe for women. Strict action will be taken against those found indulging in any such activities. We will make these places safe enough for them to be visited by families,”

All this happened after the July 3 raid where two club owners, two managers, two dancers and one bouncer were arrested. 

The area is infamous for illegal solicitation and trafficking. Families started avoiding the area because of its malpractices. But how is boycotting single women a solution? It's like punishing women for becoming victims. Oh, wait, society already does that.

What's next? Holing up single women in a place and controlling their lives? Wait again, don't they already try to do that?

Delhi police's ban on ladies nights in Hauz Khas in 2017 was another exemplary example of such practices against women in order to protect them. 

Hey society, you can surely do better. *sigh*

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